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Trendy Ideas on Selecting the Groom Wedding Dress

There were times when grooms were dressed in a same tuxedo black suit or in formal double breasted jackets, most of the time. This was a decade back. Today, in the modern fashion era, you can find plenty of designer options and you can mix and match a formal style with a casual fitting to make the apparels look semi-casual. You cannot be in a beach wear shirt and Bermudas, when it is the biggest day of your life.Some mind boggling ideas from the wedding experts which can help you select a fitting groom wedding dress

Traditional wedding or a theme based one?

Is the wedding happening in a church or in a holy chapel? Or is it styled in a theme way like a beach house party wedding or a resort styled bonfire wedding? You can choose the groom wedding dress, keeping in mind the type of wedding, you and bride are going in for. Formal weddings need not always have the customary black suit with a glittery tie. You can choose ivory, brown, navy blue, suede grey, light brown and a lot more.

For a more casual wedding, the groom can select a vest suit and a cotton shirt as against a formal shirt. The men out there can also wear a t shirt and a jacket with just a single button on it. The costume makes you feel at ease and the dress perfectly sets the scene for a beach wedding.

When is it going to be held?

If the wedding is scheduled to take place in the morning or semi-evening, then you can opt for a more casual and stylish dressing style. You can wear fancy hats to add a naughty nick to your style. You don’t have to be a dull and a boring guy on the day of your wedding.

For setting the perfect twilight scene, in other words an evening wedding, you can choose formal suits. You can preferably go in for darker shades like chestnut blue or dark brown if you want to chuck out the traditional black. You can wear button succulents like a miniature rose boutique or a crystal and pearl adorned brooch or fancy buttons on your jacket. Double breasted jackets with slim tie are gaining popularity in the latest trend weddings.

Your suit needs to perfectly sync with the bride’s dress

Have a friendly conversation with your lady love as to what she prefers to wear for the wedding. If she wants to be dressed simple, then you can follow suit. If she wants to be dressed grand for the occasion, then you can also apply a rich decor to your overall costume. Include rich suits or tailored jackets, top brand shoes, costume jewelry on top of the suit or metallic rings on your fingers, silk tie, waist coats and a lot more. You cannot take a back seat when it comes to enjoying your wedding, to the hilt. All together, your dress and the bride’s costume needs to perfectly complement one another.

Tailor made suits

It is better to get yourself a perfectly designed suit, which has been stitched by the leading tailor of the town. When you pick one off the racks, you never know if the suit fits you comfortably or not. In case you go home and find a couple of alterations to be worked on the suit, you need to run heater-smelter in search of a male seamstress to get things rectified.

Top brands

Go in for world class brands when it comes to designer suits. You can browse the internet to discover leading labels.These tips on selecting the right groom wedding dress, make sure you stand out on your big day.