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Fabulous takeaways on choosing the right father of the groom dress

Father of the groom Dress
The wedding bells are just round the corner. And you are busy making preparations for the wedding. Shopping for clothes, arranging for marquee and catering along with a lot more is already on the cards.  And you need to count on the delicacy food items which need to be spread across the dining area.

You need to make well informed moves, when it comes to choosing the right make-up stylist for getting your face or hair done, the appropriate wedding style. In this never ending list, how can you forget to select the right type of outfit for your father? Selecting the right kind of father of the groom dress can be as tricky as it sounds. Here are a couple of ideas, to make life easier.

Consult with the father of the groom himself

Groom’s father might have special preferences regarding the type of coat or jacket he prefers to wear, during the wedding ceremony. He might have unique tastes in mind with regard to tie, waistcoats, decorative stuff to be adorned on his suit like a fancy brooch, so on and so forth. You need to keep his special preferences in mind while selecting the ideal outfit. You need to make the father of the groom feel special about himself.

Again, if you have certain points which deviate a little bit from what he has in mind, you need to put it across in a subtle way. The groomsmen and your dad outfits need to complement each other.

Choice of clothes

Make the groom put across a word to his dad as to what he prefers to wear for the wedding. If groomsmen and the best pal who is going to accompany your fiance are planning to wear black tuxedos, you can suggest your father to wear an ash grey or a silver colored jacket. If he opts to dress himself in a navy blue or in an orange colored suit, he will be the odd one out. This is yet another way to select an ideal father of the groom dress.


If your dad wants to pin a rose on the right hand corner of his double breasted jacket or on his layered suit, you can let him have it that way. After all, the father of the groom needs to have his share of fun at the wedding.

You can ask your fiance to broach on this subject rather than you poking your nose into what would ideally suit him the best and what simply wouldn’t. Similarly if he wants to have a silk tie or include fancy buttons on the jacket, it is better you leave things to your father’s choice. He can have a unique style quotient of his own and still be dressed as the best man in town.

Make sure, you convey the father of the groom dress to your dad, so that both are either dressed the similar way else alternate colors. These tips and ideas go a long way in helping the father of the groom look his best at the wedding and enjoy the fun and zest happening, right in front of him.