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Ideal tips to select the Father of the Bride Dress

Your dad has been a pillar of strength and support, all along. And a day at the wedding is a very emotional moment for your dad, when he has to walk you down, all the way to the aisle, giving you away to the groom. And his wedding dress needs to exude charm, sophistication and a neat decor, to showcase himself as the proud father of his dearest daughter. A few ideal tips and ideas for dads, to select the best father of the bride dress.

Choices, when it comes to selecting the right kind of wedding suit

See when the actual wedding is scheduled to take place. If the wedding is before 6 pm followed by a formal yet grand reception party, then you can have a complete morning dress for your dad. He can fully deck up with a hat, suit and all the grand paraphernalia, connected with the celebration.

In the evening, he can be dressed in a formal blue, ivory or an ash colored suit. This makes a right choice for the evening party. If all the celebrations connected with the wedding happens in the evening, like say the chapel event at the holy church is scheduled to be happening at 6pm, when you actually exchange rings with your to-be-husband, and then the event is followed by a grand wedding party, you can dad can choose something like a tux or a dark colored suit. Navy blue or dark brown would be the best shades to suit the occasion. Linen suits the best, if theme wedding party is scheduled abroad. It gives a casual feel, though. Your dad can go in for a light weight modal or rayon.

The wedding dress needs to go in sync with the occasion

Selecting the right kind of father of the bride dress, can sometimes leave you confused. If he is after the formal suit, which he wears during board meetings or on his way to office, the choice of the appropriate dress can go against his favor. You can select a two buttoned jacket with lapels else go in for a 4 buttoned suit, for your dad. He needs to raise his bar. His sense of dressing must be stylish and suit the occasion.

Fancy embellishments are allowed

Your dad doesn’t have to sport an all sober looks at your wedding, when all your friends, relatives and siblings are dressed up grand for the occasion. Cuff links, pocket squares, silk ties or stylish overcoats are allowed. He cannot miss out on the grand paparazzi, happening right in front of him.

Fitting pair of shoes

Your dad can go in for some of the reputed shoe brands online. A neat and crisp pair of shoes is the need of the hour. And not those slack shoes or slip on sandals which he uses for running errands. He can go in for classic ones like laced shoes or Oxfords.

These tips on selecting the right father of the bride dress and the desired style quotient are tailor made, to make your wedding day, the most glamorous event with your dad standing by your side as an evergreen hero.