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Bride Wedding Dress Worn By Top Notch Celebrities

You need to understand why a wedding gown is so important and give the kind of attention it really deserves. A wedding dress needs to be austere but you can reveal your necklines. The gowns need not have a very high neck line or a closed neck style, that it simply resembles a nun’s outfit. I am going to take you through some of the wedding gowns sported by top notch celebrities and how they could have done a little better. This will give you a fair idea on how to choose the best bridal wedding dress.

Top celebrities and the kind of wedding ensemble sported by them

Princess Maxima of Netherlands and Marie Chantal of Greece

She wore a designer wedding gown and the exclusive fancy gown was created by a designer named Valentino. According to fashion excerpts, the gown could have slightly revealed a better neckline. It is only the crowning tiaras, which could make onlookers realize that it is wedding gown all together. The wedding gown could have also included some fancy pearl brooches or a crystal ball or something tasteful, to add to the grandeur. After all wedding is a onetime event in your whole life, isn’t it?

It was the same designer Valentino, who designed the wedding gown for Princess Marie Chantal of Greece. The gown looked brilliant with white roses adorned, all over the gown. Again necklines could have been a little lower.

Princess Mabel of Orange

Princess Mable or Orange- Nassau wore a pretty looking gown which has a high raised neckline. But the embroidery on the designer gown was simply enchanting and pretty looking.

Princess Victoria, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana

Princess Victoria of Sweden wore chose a dazzling glittery gown as her bride wedding dress. The pick was designed by top class Swedish designer named Par Shelden.

The general trend among British royal brides is that they pick and choose from their own country’s designers. They don’t want to go elsewhere. This is evident from Queen Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret who wore wedding gowns designed by Norman Hartnell. Princess Diana wore an iconic wedding gown designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel.

Some common tips while choosing a bride wedding dress is as follows
  • Take your best friend and your mom to the designer showroom and ask the friend to wear it on herself first. You can figure out minor corrections evident on the apparel. See whether the pick is body flattering or not. You can take some valuable ideas from your mom, who can be your best critic, as well. She will tell you how you look in the gown.
  • Purchase your wedding gown at least 2-3 months before the scheduled date of the wedding. And see if the showroom has an alterations department. If things are not fine, you can ask the local seamstress sitting in the showroom to set it right for you.
  • A-line skirts and empire waists can be the right kind of clothes for braid’s maids as the costume suits all body types comfortably.
What is the bride wedding dress to be worn by Kate Middleton, Zara Philips and Charlene Wittstock, who all are celebrity brides-to-be? We only have to wait and see!