Hit it out in style when it comes to choosing the ideal mother of the groom dress

The mom of the bride and the mom of the groom need to be fashionably dressed in the wedding. You simply cannot ignore the importance of mother of the groom, as she plays a great role in the wedding too. Whether you plan to have the wedding conducted at a chapel else have a theme based party at the beach house, the choice of dress needs to be appropriate. You need to help select mother of the groom dress, keeping her style quotient and elegance in mind.

Here are few ideas pertaining to the same

A cue on choices

If the bride’s mom is planning to wear a long Victorian gown, then the mom of the groom cannot afford to wear a short skirt and a jacket. She can try her hand at a long sleeved top and a plaited skirt instead. Both the moms basically need to exchange ideas on what each of them plan to wear for the wedding. Again the mom of the bride and the mom of the groom need to dress up in such a way, that the sense of dressing complements with each other. Both the moms need not exactly be dressed in the same way but to certain the extent, the dressing combination needs to perfectly match.

Colors of the costume

This is again an important consideration while choosing the apt mother of the groom dress. If the mom of the groom is little bit on the shorter side, she can be adorned in a flirty looking skirt as against a long gown. Again the shade of the dress needs to gel well with her color complexion. If she has a taller silhouette, she can be dressed in a long wedding gown. Choose a stylish pink or a red gown which goes well with her make-up.

Type of footwear

You can suggest a few trendy ideas to your mom to select the right type of stilettos. She needs to wear slippers in which she is comfortable to walk in. You can let your fiance talk to his mom on the whole subject if you are little nervous of putting across your ideas directly to your mom. Closed toe heels or shoes with pointed heels also make good choices, when it comes to choosing the right type of footwear for the wedding.

Style senses

You can discuss make-up ideas on the right kind of lip stick or shadows or hair duos to your mom well in advance, so that the bride’s maids, your mom and your mom look their best at the wedding. These ideas can go a long way in choosing the right mother of the groom dress and helping her remain her natural best. One must make sure that overdoing anything or accessorizing too much should be avoided, as it will add an odd element to the looks of the immediate relative of the groom. Also, the dress which the groom’s mother wears speaks a lot about the personality. SO, make sure she looks the best yet elegant.